Jules Holleboom


I'm a creative product guy with a particular interest in design and exponential technology. In other words, I like to work on connected products that impact lives and shape our future. I currently design the (mobile) product experience of Magnet.me.

Stuff I've done in the past:

  • Graduation thesis: Retail as media: designing IoT for retail at Info.nl (2014)
  • A cyborg in the Data of the crowds hackathon promo video (2014)
  • An interactive lamp to discourage the use of smartphones in social settings (2014)
  • An animated camera aperture (2013)
  • A digital-physical friendship book to playfully introduce social media in elementary school (2012)
  • An interactive monograph built using Kinect (2012)
  • An online platform for sharing the physical experience of road cycling (2011)

  • Connect with me: